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Jeff PrinceI'm Jeff Prince and welcome to my website! The fact that you are visiting this page suggests you want to know more about me before exploring other pages. Perhaps you want reassurance of my astrological know-how before committing any more of your time. Maybe you want both. I hope you do.

I'm a Capricorn, born 18 January 1967 in Toronto, Canada and have lived in the UK since 1985. My interest in astrology began at the age of eight and was actively pursued through reading as many books as I was able to find until 1989. At this time, I swapped one set of books for another when I attended an astrology course in Cambridge, England. This served to take my interest in all things astrological to a new and very different level. If nothing else, it taught me that I was still light years away from ever knowing everything there is to know about this thing called astrology. Despite what I have since learned, I remain, like any other astrologer, in exactly the same position.

We have all heard someone say 'trust me' and have all, at some point, wished we hadn't. But I am going to ask that you invest a small amount of trust in my ability to provide for you some insights into aspects of your personality you might not have been aware even existed. Astrology is not the ambiguous horoscopes read by millions of people each day in newspapers or magazines. It is about discovering ourselves as individuals, identifying opportunities and offering choices. Whilst astrology can be used effectively to make predictions, based on both lore and logic, it is far more useful and in keeping with real astrology to ensure each of us has control over what happens to us.

Astrology is not an art, it is a science. It is the science of relationships; it is the science of life. It is the practicing of life that is the art! On these web pages you will find forecasts, astrology reports and information written by a variety of new and interesting astrologers that I am now working with to give you even more astrological information than ever!

I am also a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

I hope you enjoy this site and wish you every success for the future.

You can send me an email via this contact form.

Jeff Sig




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