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a view from colleen's window

I enjoy receiving and reading e-mails sent to me whenever an 'out of the ordinary' astrological event occurs. The below e-mail from Colleen in Calgary, Alberta summed up a few interesting thoughts and I was keen to share it with you...
On the night of the eclipse, I woke up at 2:50 am. I knew the lunar eclipse was taking place but I had no idea what time it would happen in Calgary, Canada. I looked out the window and saw a wonderful, huge, shining full moon, not a cloud in the sky and stars all around. It illuminated the whole yard. I was worried that I had missed the eclipse. I noticed what looked like a small bite out of the moon so I anxiously waited a few minutes to see if anything changed. Well, guess what? I was watching the start of the whole show!

It took 45 minutes for the eclipse to take place and just before the moon went dark I saw a shooting star. The interesting thing was the moon stayed dark for a long time. What I thought might take 5-10 minutes went on and on and finally, after 45 minutes. I came to a realization. What I see as the moon is just me focusing on an object and one that reflects what I see from my world. But the shadow from the earth is so much bigger than the moon and takes a long time to slide past that which I see from my window, even though I can't see the full size of the shadow.

What an analogy for life! We focus so much on that small bright area we call our life not realizing that reality is much bigger and has much more of an effect and consequences on how we understand the overall size of our world.

I never did get to see the moon return. As the fog rolled in, dawn started to break and the light faded on my spectacular event.

What a moon!

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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