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So what does it mean to have an Aquarian Moon?

In thinking about people with Aquarian Moons, I am reminded of an interview I read a long time ago with Leonard Nimoy, the man who played Mr Spock in the Star Trek series and films.
He explained how playing the part of Mr Spock was so incredibly demanding on his emotions. He was not allowed to display any kind of emotion whilst filming for hours on end and this would often cause him to release floods of emotion upon arriving home that night. Some of you might be wondering why I am going on about Mr Spock instead of providing an immediate and detailed insight into what having an Aquarian Moon means. But most of you will already know why I have chosen such an example.

If people with Aquarian Moons are incorrectly compared to Mr Spock, equally so is the comparing of you to a robot. You are not devoid of emotion, far from it. But you do give the impression to others and, through doing so, you create an equilibrium. People know where they stand with you, and you with them. Everyone is happy. Well, except you because the fact that you are a human being means you have no choice but to let feelings show at some point, whether someone coaxes them out of you or you decide to release them. At some point, the mask you wear must be removed to allow you to see and understand you for the first time in a long time.

One way you are able to get on in life without having to constantly think about silly things like emotions is through being eccentric. You enjoy people having to take you as they find you. Because you also enjoy regularly changing the way in which others see you, it keeps them on their toes. This is all well and exciting where friends and romantic partners are concerned. But where non-romantic relationships are concerned, such as family, the occasional personality clash can arise.

You yearn to be loved, welcomed, accepted and, above all, trusted. Experiencing each simply requires you to take the plunge in a pool of sensitivity from which I can promise you will emerge.

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