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Moon Sign - Cancer

So what does it mean to have an Cancer Moon?

People with Cancerian Moons have strong desires to protect everyone and everything around them. They are also constantly balancing the hard exterior seen by others with the extremely soft, sensitive person that lives within.
Equally as important is the intense relationship people with Moons in Cancer have with their mothers. I say 'intense' because attitudes to their mother can swing either way in that they are often extremely close to or very resentful and bitter toward the person who gave birth to them. This 'either/or' scenario is partly why so many people with Cancerian Moons are determined to provide a motherly role or influence to people around them. So much of your personality, attitudes, beliefs and outlooks have been influenced by your mother and you often feel obliged to share or emulate this role among those you are close to.

Your acute sensitivity is the main driving force behind much of what you do. You will project an extrovert image of yourself to others because this, you feel, makes it difficult for them to spot any weaknesses. But you will also, from time to time, choose to withdraw into your shell in the belief that if you keep yourself to yourself then you cannot possibly cause offence or hurt, deliberately or otherwise.

It is reassurance you require. Reassurance that decisions made are the right ones, reassurance that how you believe people see you is the way they really see you. We all seek reassurance from others, however you sometimes run the risk of having those you seek it from roll their eyes through believing they had made things clear the last time you asked them!

I am not trying to portray you as a wishy-washy soppy individual. You are definitely not. But your needs and intentions mirror particular phases of the Moon which moves quickly from sign to sign. When things are going well, you are unstoppable, unbeatable. But when things aren't going to so well, you retreat back into your shell and begin drawing lists of imaginary reasons why you should be feeling responsible or worse, guilty.

In truth though, the more you learn to recognise and understand certain character traits and the reasons why you react and respond the way you often do, the happier you will be.

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