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Moon Sign - Capricorn

So what does it mean to have an Capricorn Moon?

The Moon in Capricorn is a bit like the Big Bad Wolf inviting one of the three pigs around for tea. There is a very strong sense of being uncomfortable and ill at ease with the situation on the part of one of the above!
It cannot be ignored that so many of the world's highest achievers have the Moon in Capricorn. Even the meekest, shyest individual can often turn on some severe leadership charm when they choose to. But Capricorn represents in many ways the very opposite to what the Moon is all about. Capricorn represents selfishness, lack of sympathy, determination, self-preoccupation - the complete opposite to what the Moon represents! Therefore, my analogy above involving wolves and pigs relates to the Moon being very uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the company it is keeping.

Enough about wolves and pigs. People with Capricorn Moon signs have the undoubted ability to summon motivation and determination like nobody else can. Additionally, you probably have a similar ability to release a temper that doesn't just flare, it erupts into a raging supernova. Luckily, you are blessed with the ability to use both sparingly. You give the incorrect impression to others that very little bothers you and are very happy for someone else to take control of situations but only in the quiet understanding that they are (really) second in command.

People with Capricorn Moon signs are very aware of where they are going in life. They are aware of their destinies. This does not need to be told to them. The air of determination and self-assurance you give is inspiring to others which is why so many people born with Capricorn Moons end up overseeing positions of authority and responsibility. You however are very conscious of your faults and often do not share others' opinions about yourself. This, in turn, causes a vicious circle as you are constantly assessing yourself, your perceived weaknesses, and trying to compensate for them. However, like fine wines, people with Capricorn Moons get better with age and as they get older and tend to find life becomes increasingly less stressful and competitive!

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