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Moon Sign - Leo

So what does it mean to have an Leo Moon?

People with Leo Moons were born to shine, believing all the world is indeed a stage and the rest of us are an audience waiting for a world-class performance. There are however one or two tiny snags to this otherwise splendid scenario.
It is not the fact that you are such a knowledgeable individual and your opinions are rarely incorrect that puts people's backs up so much. This has more to do with the manner in which you often make your thoughts and opinions known. You are very happy to offer advice but you and those you offer it to are very aware that you are not quite so eager to receive it - and the same goes for giving and taking orders. But since when did a cat do anything it was told to do?

Much of what you do is driven by a unique sense of passion. That is not to say you constantly achieve all you set out to achieve because although you have the unrivalled ability to throw yourself body and soul into whatever takes your fancy, you can be equally unwilling to do something. And this is what often confuses those around you. One minute they see someone who is full of bravado and brimming with confidence and the next minute they see someone full of anxiety. It is your love for a drama that motivates you on an almost daily basis. You don't get a cold, you get some rare tropical disease which baffles the entire medical world. You don't have a bad day, you believe you might have accidentally caused nuclear missiles to be launched from another country.

A Leo Moon does give you a natural air of both dignity and authority, but you are constantly assessing the levels of respect others have for you. Taking risks is something you will do only when you are absolutely certain you will not fail. Heaven forbid if those around you should see you make a mistake. Again, a cat doesn't find it the least bit amusing when it jumps from a mantlepiece to a shelf and misses the target. It doesn't happen often but like the aforementioned feline, you rarely miss a target either!

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