Libra - Discover your Moon Sign

Moon Sign - Libra

So what does it mean to have an Libran Moon?

The main 'symptom' of having a Moon in Libra is uncertainty. But you knew that anyway because you must know better than anyone else what it is like to have such a wide variation of emotions.
Your feel happy one minute, sad the next. Anxious the next day, confident the day after. Whilst it can be said every human experiences such shifts in how they feel, your emotions are up and down like the proverbial yo-yo and if they are not up and down in a happy/depressed kind of way, then they are moving side to side in an indecisive sort of way.

It is probably your straightforwardness that makes you so appealing to others. Not so much that you call a spade a spade, but because you are someone who has little to hide because anyone can see quite clearly which emotion you are preoccupied with just by looking at you. This is reinforced further by your unique ability to change your personality to suit whoever you are with. It is not a facade. You know how to say what people want to hear, give what you know they need and show them what they want to see. This skill is what makes you so appealing to others!

It does however have its drawbacks, which causes your bubble to burst from time to time when you end up with a group of people looking at each other and wondering why you are now acting like a very different person to the one they were with yesterday. But it doesn't take others long to realise that is precisely how you work. Anyone who sees you acting as a clown yet was enjoying the company of a sensitive and serious person the previous day will soon recognise how you work so hard to make people relaxed and comfortable around you.

I spoke earlier of your indecisiveness and I'm afraid it will always be a part of your personality. You cannot expect to have the Scales as a Moon sign and not be constantly weighing up things in life! This does not necessarily mean you have made it your mission in life to ensure that everyone and everything does what it right, good and just. Instead, people with a Libran Moon prefer to concentrate on how they can redress the balance as far as what they consider to be unfair in their own lives - and if that means someone else has to lose out for a change, then that is fair as far as you are concerned!

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