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Moon Sign - Pisces

So what does it mean to have an Pisces Moon?

Ah, the Meaning of Life. No, I am not referring to the Monty Python film of the same name, although I am certain someone with a Pisces Moon would have a very keen interest in a film with such a title!
It is interesting how so many of the other signs are driven by status, responsibility, and achievement yet people like yourself with Pisces Moon signs want something very different. As suggested earlier, you want a meaning in life. You want to know that your reason for being put on this planet has a definite purpose and everything you do is done for a specific reason which forms part of a grand master plan. You do not crave material things. If you did, you would have more material things than anyone else because rarely does someone like you not get something they crave. But you require an outlet or purpose for your unique creative talents which is why so many people with Pisces Moons have been - and always will be - some of the world's greatest musicians, writers, artists, songwriters and poets. If creativity is not your bag, then chances are you choose instead to fulfill such needs through spiritual or charitable causes.

You are keen to ensure your world is far from ordinary. You despise all things mundane and are known to take risks to simply satisfy your curiosity regarding how close to the edge of something you can actually go. You thrive on powerful experiences and are quite happy to allow yourself to be coerced into an argument or dispute if it will allow you to display your emotions. You will do this sometimes even if it doesn't necessarily help you either! But it can be said you are able to balance being harmless without being wishy-washy, sympathetic without being pathetic, wise without being arrogant and fun without being scatter-brained!

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