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Moon Sign - Sagittarius

So what does it mean to have an Saggie Moon?

To understand a Sagittarian Moon requires a preparedness to accept two very distinct sides of your personality. Whilst this could be said about any Moon sign, it's important where a Sagittarian Moon is concerned to reinforce this point.
The two sides of your character I am referring to are the extroverted individual we all know and love; the person with such a strong zest for life, the office comedian, the class clown. But this masks some very intense feelings and passions which you keep under lock and key until you have no choice but to release them. When this happens, you are willing to take risks the rest of us wouldn't even consider taking, you are only too keen to take a wild leap into the unknown or go to some pretty extreme lengths to pursue whatever matters to you. This often involves saying one or two things to others which, in hindsight, you recognise might have been better left unsaid!

The main conflict between your two inner personalities stems from the part of you which needs to know where it stands at all times and that which is constantly having to adapt to the part of you that simply cannot sit still. One half of you actually wants predictability, but struggles to keep up with the part of you that hates it. This therefore causes feelings of restlessness and insecurity, always searching for safeness yet never really being satisfied with what you have.

All this is made even more intense through constantly measuring yourself against others. This is done mainly to see if it is possible to set a new record or achieve an impossible or highly unrealistic goal. It is also something that those you have allowed to get close to you have grown to understand. As such a highly driven individual, you are one very tough act to follow and it takes a certain type of person to ignore your ambitions, your tendency to change priorities and danger-loving streak!

It is not my intention to make you out to be Attila the Hun. You certainly have a very sweet side of your nature which often involves being a champion for justice where those close to you are concerned. If someone you know has experienced injustice, it is not long before you are there to ensure everything ends up fair and square!

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