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Moon Sign - Scorpio

So what does it mean to have an Scorpio Moon?

In describing a Scorpio Moon, I am reminded of the Looney Tunes characters who used to have invisible angels and devils on their shoulders, one trying to talk them out of doing something, the other egging them on to do something!
I am not suggesting you are in any way indecisive, far from it. But in addition to the angel and devil, you could add a third 'adviser' in the form of suspicion. So much of your life is ruled by anxiety, doubt and suspicion that you often find it very hard to simply relax and enjoy yourself!

The angel on your shoulder is constantly encouraging you to be intuitive, creative and sensitive. The devil wants you to show the mean, moody, possessive side of your character and there are no prizes for what guessing what the third troublemaker wants you to do. The latter trait is made more of an issue through your amazing ability to see right through someone's personality, motives or actions. You need only look at someone to know if they are trustworthy or not. Some else needs only to say 'hello' to you and you have well and truly got their number. Whereas the rest of us form opinions, people with Scorpio Moon signs form judgements where there is no need for a jury!

It is therefore interesting how you could be so sensitive in so many other ways. You are constantly assessing situations for the right time or way to say something that needs to be said, regardless of whether or not the other party wants to hear it. You strive for a quiet life yet throw all caution to the wind at times in the belief that you have something to say that someone is not going to be overjoyed to hear. What you are probably not so aware of is the way this causes you to live your life constantly preparing yourself for the next confrontation, which, more often than not, never happens!

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