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Moon Sign - Taurus

So what does it mean to have an Taurus Moon?

A key phrase associated with a Taurus Moon is 'emotional and financial security'. This is not to be misinterpreted with building an empire that will bring untold wealth and guarantee you and everyone you know will live happily ever after.
Instead, people with Taurus Moons are very prepared to bend as many rules, put up with countless hassles, hardships or aggravation in order to preserve that which they know and are familiar with. Needless to say, you are extremely set in your ways but at the same time, extremely loyal. You won't consider terminating a relationship even if everyone you know is waiting outside your house with tar and feathers shouting for your other half to come outside. You don't give love easily and when you do decide to make that special commitment, it becomes as solid as concrete.

You have quite a long list of demands, but there is nothing on that list that you don't expect from yourself. Your demanding nature, combined with a difficulty understanding the word 'compromise' makes getting involved in relationships sometimes a longer process than necessary. Following on from that, you, er, do have an amazing ability to 'put your foot in it' so to speak. It is indeed a bull-like instinct to speak first and use the brain later. There simply have to be several people who you are considering offering an olive branch to through having released far more of a Taurean temper on than they could have possibly deserved.

The Taurean ability to spot a bargain or get value for money gives others the impression that, to be with you, they must be able to keep up with your exquisite and lavish tastes. But the best company you can keep is someone who does share your tastes, has the same levels of sincerity and energy, and a preparedness to talk all night until the Sun comes up!

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