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Moon Sign - Virgo

So what does it mean to have an Virgo Moon?

Virgo Moons are not the easiest of things to live with. Whereas your Sun sign might project you as an extremely confident, go-getter of a person, a Virgo Moon often throws a damp blanket on such flames of enthusiasm and drive.
That doesn't mean you go through life without ever achieving anything, far from it. The airs of wisdom and responsibility you exude make you a prime target for some of the most prominent positions any organisation has to offer. But an underlying flaw in an otherwise perfect personality involves you doubting your abilities, your contribution and being extremely - and I do mean extremely - self critical.

If I am making you sound like Eeyore, then I don't mean to. You are such an easy person to get along with, and many will undoubtedly regard you as one of the most intelligent, funny, sexy, talented people they have ever met. It is ironic though that you have such an amazing ability to make others laugh yet you find it so difficult to laugh at yourself. People with Virgo Moons prefer to live in a world where everything is sensible and organised. The reality, as we all know, is that the world doesn't share this belief. You possess the ability to see the quirky and funny side of life but remain convinced that succumbing to such things will cause you to let down a psychological guard thus making you vulnerable to receiving criticism from others about things you believe they have the right to criticise you about. And so the vicious circle continues.

The secret - for want of a better word - to living the fulfilled and contented life you know is available to you is to learn to give more and judge less. Learn to say phrases like 'if that happens, so what?' And if you are able to add some large helpings of relaxation to the recipe, all the better!

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