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saturn: the grumpy one moves on . . .

Saturn regularly gets a bad rap. As a Capricorn, I should be more respectful and appreciative of the planet that rules my sign and co-rules Aquarius. But I, like many of you, have a love/hate relationship with this planet and as of July 2005, I'm probably going to like Saturn a little bit more than I have done of late.
When I say 'of late' I am referring to the past couple of years. Saturn entered the sign of Cancer on 4 June 2003 from Gemini where it had been since April 2001. Saturn takes approximately 2.5 years to works its way through each sign. For some of us, particularly those with Saturn in their Sun sign, this can feel like a very, very long time.

There I go again giving Saturn yet more undeserved bad press. Saturn is, after all, one of the more interesting planets to look at. It is a slightly smaller version of Jupiter with similar surface patterns although it is twice as far away from the Sun as Jupiter is. The biggest difference between the two is Saturn's amazing rings which are believed to be particles of an old moon orbiting the planet that got smashed in a collision that happened around 50 million years ago.

Saturn represents your limitations, fears, how you structure your life and discipline yourself. It also rules agriculture, archaeology, architecture, bones, death, discipline, fatigue, history, land, leather, minerals, monogamy, old age, perseverance, Saturdays and self control. (It also rules the past which is why Capricorns often make great historians!)

Because Saturn has been slogging its way through Cancer since June 2003, you will have found new levels of restriction and self-discipline were required in the area of your chart it occupied. Each of the zodiac's twelve signs has a different story to tell about how Saturn's transit through Cancer affected or influenced them because Cancer represents a different area for each sign. On 16 July 2005, Saturn moves into Leo where it will remain until September 2007. An area of your life that has been a source of frustration, confinement, limitation and denial is about to receive a new lease of life. That does not mean you can expect no more of the above in your world. Of course you can, and you will. Saturn is moving signs; it is not leaving the universe altogether.

Many astrologers believe Saturn's departure from a sign often coincides with a gift of some sort being left behind, a gesture of thanks or a token of appreciation from the ringed planet for all you have had to endure while it was occupying an area of your chart. Whilst I don't disagree with this, I am of the opinion it is as equally important to say the gift left behind is often seen as a setback or unwelcome development. In truth, and within a short space of time, we are able to see that what we originally believed to be unwelcome was actually a blessing in disguise. Quite often, developments which occur around Saturn's departure from a sign act as a catalyst responsible for putting us in a much better, safer and stronger position. We invariably end up being grateful for what has transpired and often look back at the period surrounding Saturn's departure as a pivotal period in our lives.

so what does saturn's move into leo mean for you?

Click on the links below to discover how Saturn's move into Leo will affect each Sun sign in a general sense between July 2005 and September 2007, but be aware that the positioning of Leo in your own natal (birth) chart would determine precisely how Saturn will affect you. Wherever Saturn is transiting your natal chart indicates the area of your life that will be specifically examined and tested. If you already know which house Leo is in your chart, then click on the corresponding house number below.

If you are not sure, then visit http://horoscopes.jpastrology.co.uk to find out. (Enter your details and cast your chart. Then look for , the sign of Leo. You will find a 'house' number assigned to Leo's segment of the chart. These house numbers start at the 9 o'clock position of the horoscope wheel and go anti-clockwise. Once you have found out which house number Leo is in your chart, come straight back here and click on the corresponding house number below!)

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