Aquarius - Sun signs explained

Sun Sign - Aquarius


January 21 - February 19

Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer, but make no mistake, Aquarius is no water sign. These people are the Zodiac's advisers. If you need an answer to something, go to an Aquarian.
The truth is, Aquarians are extremely useful people to go to for advice. Most of the time, that is. If Aquarians believed themselves to be capable of making a mistake, then all would be fine. However, most don't. That is not to say they believe themselves to personify perfection, but they believe so wholeheartedly in all that they do that should you ever confront them with the fact that whatever they told you was incorrect, they still won't believe it.

To know an Aquarian is to know their odd ways. Their thinking is often light years ahead of our own and they become frustrated when they discover the rest of us have not had the same train of thought about something as they have. They are attracted to unusual people, unusual places, unusual ideas and innovation.

Coming back to my point about Aquarius being wrongly regarded as a water sign, it is also often incorrectly illustrated by water being poured from a jug alone. In truth, Aquarius is represented by a person who has travelled long distances and been to the Fountain of Knowledge and returned to share its contents with the rest of us.

On a final note, Aquarians love to be individuals, they thrive on being eccentric. Ask them what they have in common with other Aquarians and they will tell you they have nothing in common. Aquarians hate being grouped with other people - which probably explains why many Aquarians have little time for things like astrology!

(If the last sentence relates to you, thanks for reading anyway!)

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