Cancer - Sun signs explained

Sun Sign - Cancer


June 23 - July 23

Here we have the Zodiac's most sensitive souls as Cancerians constantly feel empathy and concern for others. They are happiest when making someone happy and are saddest when may have inadvertently caused hurt.
Cancerians are not however renowned for their sense of adventure. They play life by the book, but expect everyone else to do the same. Interestingly, their greatest feature is also their weakness, and that is their ability to harness and release some exceptionally powerful emotions. Caution usually gets thrown to the wind when a Cancerian decides on a particular course of action which has an emotional string attached, such as embarking upon new relationships. It is for this reason that Cancerians spend much of their lives reflecting upon what might have gone wrong last time round with a view to applying lessons learned to the future.

Because Cancerians are constantly establishing themselves, usually in career or home-related senses, they cannot be encouraged to look at a bigger, overall picture. And once passion becomes involved with whatever they have set their minds to, you cannot hope to instill upon them what is meant by common sense. To draw from a line from the classic Simon and Garfunkel song, they 'hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest'. But you can rest assured that a Cancerian will listen intently to you about one thing: reassurance. They do insist upon carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and this can often manifest itself as guilt. They are all too quick to blame themselves for things that simply are not their fault but will certainly take on board comments from anyone who can convince them that they need not worry or feel guilty about particular issues weighing them down.

The Zodiac sign for Cancer is The Crab. Crabs have hard outer shells and soft underbellies. Cancerians are very similar. They protect themselves by putting on a hard exterior but anyone who is willing to discover the soft, sweet person underneath will not be disappointed.

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