Capricorn - Sun signs explained

Sun Sign - Capricorn


December 22 - January 20

If you have a job that needs doing, within a certain timeframe and in a very precise way, call a Capricorn. Throw in some pressure just to make things a bit more complicated and a Capricorn will enjoy the whole experience even more.
These very down-to-earth people have a very methodical approach to just about everything they do in life. However, their meticulousness and amazing ability to always find the most practical way of approaching anything they do can often cause them to attract some unnecessary - and very untrue - criticism, especially where relationships and affairs of the heart are concerned.

It is important I make clear that Capricorns are not the Eeyore-like characters they are made out to be. Beneath the hard Capricorn exterior is one of the most sensitive and emotional people you are probably likely to ever meet. But Capricorns insist upon keeping their emotions in check and would prefer to channel them into the pursuit of career-related ambitions rather than 'waste' them on anything - or anyone - unlikely to assist them to get to where they want to be.

Eventually though, even a Capricorn must succumb and when he or she decides to release emotions bottled up for long periods of time, you'll know about it. They are however so easy to get along with as they possess a fantastic sense of humour. They have a very rare ability to make a person laugh from deep within, rather than cause a small chuckle. They have always got some useful tidbit of information and are probably the Zodiac's best listeners. They attract positions of responsibility because they give such an air of trustworthiness.

Someone who truly understands a Capricorn will help to recognise that people do make mistakes and should not feel the world is coming to end through doing so. Also, Capricorns have the most amazing memories. Ask a Capricorn what he or she had for breakfast on this day three years ago and they will probably tell you!

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