Gemini - Sun signs explained

Sun Sign - Gemini


May 22 - June 22

If you fancy a good old fashioned argument, call a Gemini. They love a debate and enjoy turning discussions into intellectual rollercoasters. It is the 'persuading process' they really like, rather than simply making their point known.
Gemini people are thinkers. They are constantly thinking about how to rationalize that which cannot be rationalized. They are often criticized for 'thinking' when they should be 'feeling'. Make no mistake, the Gemini thinking often leads to brilliant insights into areas the rest of us have yet to explore, but because Geminis prefer thoughts to feeling, they can often land themselves in hot water with those close to them through trying to analyze emotions rather than just letting them happen.

It can be said there is no such thing as a Gemini without a strong opinion. They are constantly seeking information, it is important to them that they use every possible channel available in order to quench their thirst for information. Geminis will have bookmarked newspaper websites while the printed version lies in their In-tray. They subscribe to numerous magazines but only read the bits that they are interested in reading. Watching television in the evenings must provide some form of intellectual advancement rather than being just a leisurely pastime.

Geminis don't hoard information. Heaven forbid. What is the point in that? If a Gemini is going to go through such efforts to absorb vast amounts of information, it is so they can retrieve it and relay it to you and me when the time to do so is right.

Finally, not every Gemini is involved in business dealings for a living, but rarely will you find someone better to negotiate, make un-refuseable offers or identify several ways a quick buck can be made!

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