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Sun Sign - Leo


July 24 - Augus 23

To understand a Leo, it helps to have a knowledge of cats. That might sound obvious given that the Zodiac sign for Leo is a Lion, but you need only to look at a domesticated feline in order to understand people born under this sign.
What am I talking about you ask? Ok, let's look at a cat for a moment. Cats crave attention. Cats love to be admired. Cats love hierarchy. Cats come and go as they please. They are also very territorial. It therefore is no coincidence that someone chose a Lion to represent Leos.

Leo is ruled by the brightest star in the sky, the Sun. That is no coincidence either. Leos have an amazing ability to radiate warmth and have such sunny dispositions that they are almost always good company in any environment. But they are also very headstrong people who have an equally amazing ability to put people's backs up, usually without meaning to. They often want things done their way, and will often keep on and on until they get it. Another feline-like trait.

But make no mistake, Leos are very passionate people in every sense of the word. They don't hold back if there is a chance to give and should you ever receive a present from a Leo, you'll see what I mean. But they do like to be the recipients similarly. It is probably the endless Leo confidence which attracts others to them and they are usually keen to ensure the world knows how confident and proud they are.

It is their confidence and pride which have resulted in Leos often being accused of being arrogant or vain. In truth, they are generous, lively people who have a unique ability to see the fun side of just about any situation.

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