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Sun Sign - Libra


September 24 - October 23

Here we have the Zodiac's appointed Guardians of Justice. Librans are constantly 'weighing up' the need to fair with the need to be firm. This is usually achieved through inspiring cooperation rather than through confrontation.
The above sentences take into account the fact that the Zodiac sign for Libra is that of Scales, which represents a Libran's need to constantly find a perfect balance in life. This often manifests itself as bending over backwards to accommodate someone else's needs or viewpoints, and then swinging the other direction by imposing their own. This consistent inconsistency causes those around them to wonder if they are being looked after or taken advantage of! Regardless of what we might think, you can be sure a Libran is doing what he or she believes is fair and just.

This point is often clarified by the fact that a Libran's strategy to get on in life usually involves using someone or something else as a means to an end. In other words, a Libran will often focus on one goal in the knowledge that more than one goal will be achieved. John Lennon used music as a way of expressing his views globally about world peace. Bob Geldof's idea for Live Aid served more than one purpose. Sting's campaign for saving rain forests was achieved through separate goals aimed at producing the end result. The list of other famous Librans who have also applied one methodology to achieve a another is a very long one and includes Margaret Thatcher, Mohandas Gandhi, Evel Knievel and Bruce Springsteen.

Choice plays a vital part in a Librans purpose in life. With scales being a piece of machinery, Librans are often unfairly criticised for being cold and mechanical. That is not to say Librans spend the majority of their lifetimes weighing up possible solutions or outcomes and don't actually get off their backside and achieve anything. That much is obvious. They do however understand, perhaps better than most of us, that choice can actually involve not choosing to do something. Once their minds are made up though, few can persuade them to be changed.

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