Scorpio - Sun signs explained

Sun Sign - Scorpio


October 24 - November 22

The scorpion is, as we all know, very choosy about who or what it allows to get close. It is this underlying characteristic of people born under the sign of Scorpio which causes the rest of us to think Scorpios are unapproachable or secretive.
Putting the cringeworthy stereotypes of Scorpios to one side, it can be said that they are determined, honest, hot-blooded individuals who with an endless appetite for life's pleasures. It is their intense passions which attract the rest of us to them, and, at the same time, drive us away. Whilst they possess an unrivalled ability to throw themselves body and soul into just about every experience, this same passion is often channelled to create a negative result such as jealously, meanness, broodiness and insensitivity.

The true spirit of Scorpio is that of honesty. That is not to say all Scorpios have halos above their heads and never stray from the straight and narrow. In fact, Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet also rules much of the areas of our lives which we choose not to speak about to one another. But a Scorpio's ability to invest trust in others time and time again is an amazing thing.

But do remember this: Scorpios don't let everyone off the hook as easily as one might think. Any attempt to hurt a Scorpio or those close to them will result in a grudge being held and nurtured until the perfect time presents itself for the Scorpio to reveal your downfall to all. The sting in a scorpion's tail is not there for decoration.

If you are able to understand a Scorpio's belief that 'enough is never enough' along with their determination, directness and allow for time and sincerity to bring the two of you together, you will not find a more loyal companion.

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