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Sun Sign - Taurus


April 21 - May 21

No other Zodiac sign has quite the same level of empathy with the natural world as a Taurean. They genuinely appreciate the beauty and magnificence of life and therefore incorporate much wordly beauty in all they do.
The most common trait of a Taurean is tenacity. It is appropriate that the Zodiac sign for Taureans is a bull, because once something has been dangled in front of them, they will keep going until they have achieved what they set out to do - and then some!

Taureans usually want the best, and, more often than not, they get it. They have insatiable appetites, not just for food but for many of the finer things in life. But they also possess creative abilities which they consider to be equally as important as anything they hold dear in life and very much enjoy seeking others' opinions and comments about something they have created, whether it be a drawing, painting or song.

One very common trait among Taureans is moodiness. They can sulk like nobody else you know. But this is usually because something has disrupted their action plan, or caused it to come to a temporary halt. It is important to Taureans that they are on target to achieve certain goals and if they should ever feel as if they are not on track to achieve them, this usually manifests itself as moodiness. Taureans need to feel they are getting somewhere in life.

They gain a vital sense of identity and security from their possessions. They will enjoy showing you around their homes, their CD collection, or their collection of nicknacks on the mantlepiece. They love collecting things, even if their collection is their experiences in life.

Taureans are life's plodders. They know their plan will get them to where they want to be, and are therefore determined to have fun in between life's seriousness. Taurean's don't like to be rushed and don't like seeing someone doing something in a hurry.

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