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Venus Sign'My Venus sign?' I hear some people ask. 'I know my Sun sign, I know my Moon sign, but nobody has ever asked me for my Venus sign before, what does it mean? I'm getting confused. The horoscopes in the newspaper tell me I'm one sign and now you're telling me I'm another?' Believe me, I hear this all the time.

What is a Venus sign?

You have a Venus sign in exactly the same way you have a Sun sign. Your Sun sign is the one you normally read in any newspaper or website. It's a sign you share with everyone else born in the same month. It's important to remember that your Sun sign describes a very different part of your personality and governs very different parts of your life in the same way each of the planets do. It's possible you have the Sun and Venus in the same sign, a lot of people do. This simply means you are even more typical of your sign and is neither good or bad news.

Your Venus sign explains what kind of lover you are, the kind of lover you really want and the kind of love you might one day experience in your life. If you are a typical male, your Venus sign represents your ideal woman. If you are female, your Venus sign represents the kind of person you become when you choose to turn on your feminine charm.

But it's not all about love, sex and marriage. Whilst your Venus sign reveals a great deal about your attitude to such things, it also reveals a lot about your attitude toward other things Venus represents such as the arts, entertainment, music, dance, desire, fashion, intimacy, justice, money, partnerships and relaxation That's quite a list. Venus is an important planet in your chart!

What happened to Venus in June 2004?

On the 8th of June 2004, Venus passed directly in front of the Sun for the first time since 1882. This Transit of Venus was extremely important from an astrological point of view and had massive implications regarding the amount of love, inspiration, creativity, hope and prosperity we can all expect between now and the next Transit, due in 2012.

The pages beyond explain what your Venus sign means to you personally, and how the Transit is most likely to affect you. If you know what your Venus sign is, click on the link at the bottom of this page for a detailed insight from me into what it all means.

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In addition to receiving your free personal horoscope chart, you can purchase online a range of detailed charts covering personal profiles, love and romance. But don't forget to return here for an explanation from me about your Venus Sign!

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