Aquarius - Discover your Venus Sign

Venus Sign - Aquarius

So what does it mean to have Venus in Aquarius?

You are an interesting so and so, I'll give you that. Your tastes are odd, often bizarre, and you enjoy being the odd one of the bunch. You were born with eccentric tendencies, whereas some people try so hard to be different, you achieve it effortlessly. The world could do with a few more people like you.
You can often mystify others with your apparent desire for peace and understanding among all earthly beings or your keenness for everything to be just so with respect to certain plans or schemes. And then what happens? You cannot resist causing a bit of controversy or sticking a spanner in the works just to make things a bit more interesting! Just when people thought they had you figured out or thought they knew where they stood, you changed everything. But that's what you're all about. Keeping people on their toes. Making their lives interesting. They really should thank you for it, after all.

You don't suffer fools, which is a good thing. You are very aware of people whom you consider to be useful to both your needs and the rest of Mankind. People who have a clearly defined role to play interest and attract you. In the same way, you have a clear idea of people who, as far as you are concerned, do little else but take up valuable space and oxygen on this planet.

It is important to you that you keep up to date with the latest gadgets, inventions, fashions and technologies. Normally, you do so only to ensure that you have the option to do something different to everyone else and be seen to be doing something different to everyone else, which is normally one step ahead of where everyone else's heads are at.

So now that we've established you are such an unusual individual, how does all this affect your love life?

The Transit of Venus which took place in June 2004 encouraged you to take the plunge, or a risk, regarding a romantic aspiration you have had for some time, and a cherished creative goal you have had for even longer. We are not talking small achievements here. Whilst you might see these as 'interesting challenges' anyone else would faint or run a mile at the prospect of having to do what you are now being encouraged to do. But that's how you prefer things.

A time has come for you to look at periods of your life that played important parts in influencing you to become the person you are today. These could be upsetting incidents. They could be the best times of your life. Maybe both. But the answer to where you want to be lies in you examining, layer upon layer, experiences you encountered earlier in your life. What help was available to you then that might not be available now? Were you more innocent back then and less likely to listen to someone who told you what you were trying to achieve was not possible?

In addition, you are being encouraged to be a bit less responsible for everything and everyone. You need not take life so seriously. If you laughed a bit more, you might be amazed at what the results might be. Certain phases of your life have shifted from what they used to be and you are not being expected to be so practical now, for the need to do so is not as great as it was. What used to worry you is less likely to do so in the near future. What used to cause you to get so wound up and upset is not going to be such a problem for now on. And you must not think that others aren't going to see a change in you, for they will. You could well argue, 'the only reason I might be happier is if X was to happen and X is only going to happen if I remain focussed on making sure it happens...' Do you really believe X wouldn't happen if you allowed yourself to experience the love, joy, fun and fulfillment and prosperity that, believe it or not, really does surround you?

On a final note, I will say this: be very alert for opportunities that disguise themselves as something else. The annoying thing about opportunities is they often disguise themselves as mistakes or failures. Or else they take us completely by surprise by coming in through the back door instead of facing us head on. It is important that, between now and the next Transit in 2012, you learn to spot the wonderful potential that might lie amongst the ruins of plans or ideas you were convinced were infallible. You must not become despondent. The opportunities are there and they are very, very real.

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