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Venus Sign - Aries

So what does it mean to have Venus in Aries?

Let's look for a moment at the qualities that make up Aries, for they will give you an introduction into what having your Venus sign as Aries is all about. Aries represents impulsiveness, impatience, passion, power, and all things explosive. Are you getting the picture yet? Yes? No? Let me explain more...
You are not one to hide your emotions. People can tell exactly what you are feeling or thinking for that matter, just by looking at you. You are a very emotional individual, preferring to let emotions fester within you for a period of time before letting rip in a way that few people will forget in a hurry. Such intense releases can be a major turn on for some people, but for others it can be a very unenjoyable experience. Anyone who has plans to become your partner has got to understand that this is how you work.

You tend to be attracted to people much like yourself, those who live life spontaneously or who refuse to stick to a straight and narrow path. Therefore, your love life often has more than its fair share of dramas and with dramas comes tension. You and your other half are likely to be constantly preparing for the next showdown.

Now that I've made you out to be most people's worst nightmare of a partner, what does the Transit of Venus of June 2004 mean to you?

In one sentence, last year's Transit means you are about to become a more chilled, relaxed, tolerant person - not just to others, but to yourself. You are prepared to take a little bit more time than you have before to weigh up certain situations, plans or schemes before rushing headfirst into making them happen without thinking of the consequences. I could appreciate you thinking to yourself 'that sounds pretty boring, if that's all this hoo-haa about Venus means to me, I'll stick with things as they are.' But the truth is, you don't want things to stay as they are. You know only too well that your impatience has caused more than one superb opportunity to be missed in the past. If taking a little bit more time to look closely at what is available to you could result in you seizing more than one opportunity, then that must surely be time well spent.

In addition to encouraging you to count to ten before jumping in, the Transit is encouraging you to do something else. You are being asked to think about how your current love life could be improved. Yes, I know, if we all thought about it long enough, we could create a long list of changes we would like to see happen but I'm talking about one particular area you know needs to change but a part of you has chosen for quite a long time to sweep this issue under the carpet to hide it. Venus is now telling you to start making a list, mental or otherwise, of what needs to change in your love life. This could be your choosing to sever ties with certain people who you know do not play any part in your world anymore yet you still allow yourself to be influenced by them. It could even mean getting rid of a bad habit. Something has to change if you want to experience the love life you know you want and are of course entitled to.

On a final note, I will say this: sometimes it can be difficult to identify what we want in this life. Achieving or attaining something requires more than a desire to have it. We need to be specific sometimes as well. If you asked a bank manager for a loan by simply saying 'I want some money' you would walk out with nothing and the same applies to your giving thought to what you want to see happen in your love life. If identifying what you want is proving difficult, then make a list of what you don't want if that helps to narrow things down.

It is important you understand that what you so dearly desire is available to you at some point between now and the next Venus Transit in 2012. How soon it comes to you depends on how badly you want it and how prepared you are to change. Enjoy and embrace the exciting period that now awaits you.

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