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Venus Sign - Cancer

So what does it mean to have Venus in Cancer?

There is nothing more pleasant or enjoyable than being in the company of someone who refuses to accept a materialistic way of life, or measures their worth by the amount of money in their bank account or gadgets in their home. You say you don't know of such a down to earth person? I do. It's you!
You enjoy a simple, uncomplicated life. The goals you set yourself are almost always achieveable and you are quite happy to let the rest of the world rush about, trying to outdo their neighbour or increase their worldly status. So what exactly do you want in life? You would love to see the world become a more caring, considerate place, you take commitment very seriously and encourage total communication in every relationship. You probably spend large chunks of your life looking to replace a certain someone who is no longer part of your life, or plays a much less integral role than they once did. This partly explains why you also spend so much of your life looking for that ideal partner, the perfect companion, a flawless companion.

There is clearly nothing wrong with doing this, we all do it. But people with Venus in Cancer are renowned for making it their mission in life. Part of you spends your life dreaming about meeting such an individual. The other half wonders if you have actually already found them. So it can be said that, although your materialistic aims in life are modest, you set yourself - and your partner - some pretty high expectations!

Most people know that the astrological symbol for Cancer is The Crab. To make a long story short, The Crab is used to represent Cancer because of its hard exterior and soft underbelly. That, in a nutshell, or rather a shell, summarises a Cancerian completely. It also summarises you and your attitude toward your love life. You are quick to present to the world a hard, 'don't mess with me' exterior but those of us who know you are very aware of what a soft, sensitive creature you are inside. This has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages because it makes you easy prey for certain people to take advantage of. Not often, but enough for it to be an issue. The Transit of Venus in June 2004 brought interesting changes in this respect.

The Transit is going to clear a lot of unnecessary baggage from your life. I am referring to hidden fears, anxieties and resentments. At the same time, it is going to bring much more power and fulfillment in your love life. Between now and the next Transit in 2012, you are going to become increasingly aware of how much more confident - and less vulnerable - you are becoming. You are being encouraged now to examine, layer upon layer, all that you have been taught - in school when you were younger, by your parents, family members, anyone. In order for you to experience the fantastic opportunities that await you between now and 2012 you have to remove a few shackles first and I suspect some of these are going to be difficult to release because you have grown so accustomed to them. You have to get rid of the beliefs you have had instilled in you that certain goals are unachieveable. You must recall the aspirations you abandoned through being told you did not have the capability to fulfill them. The life you have known is shifting. A new era is beginning. The world is going to see a very different you between now and 2012. How soon you can begin to experience all that is now on offer depends on how prepared you are to make the changes that need to be made!

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