Capricorn - Discover your Venus Sign

Venus Sign - Capricorn

So what does it mean to have Venus in Capricorn?

There's a lot to be said for recognising that for every question, there's an answer. Sometimes it's fun to dwell upon life's mysteries knowing the answers we come up with are just as feasible as anyone else's. But there are things in life that don't always require explanations or scrutinising and love is one of them!
You are a realist and always will be and this is something anyone who wants to be with you is going to have to get their head around pretty quickly. You have respect for nature because you have faith in the fact that it follows the most practical and logical path at all times. But your respect for human nature is not as great. The caution you apply to your everyday life gets applied to your relationships as well. Having Venus in Capricorn makes you trustworthy, loyal and interesting because you usually have something fascinating to say most of the time. But it is the fact that you set such high standards for yourself and prospective partners that is often the root of any disagreements. You don't just want a partner in the sense of a companion to share evenings with in front of a fire, you want a partner in the sense of a...well...a partner, an associate, a collaborator, someone with whom you can conquer the world and reach levels of success everyone else dreams of.

The great thing about having Venus in Capricorn is you get better with age. The more you experience, the less cautious you become and more fun to be around and it is this very issue that the Transit of Venus in June 2004 highlighted. Between now and the next Transit in 2012, you are likely to see a dramatic change in how other people see you - for the better I hasten to add - and, in particular, a certain person whom you would like to see the balance of power in your relationship shift a bit more in your favour for a change. I strongly suspect there is someone in your life whom you simply cannot do anything right for and would like to see the boot on your foot for the first time in a long time, or at least an agreement that relationships usually involve two people. In addition, you are going to see concrete proof of how highly regarded and trusted you are by others and this feel-good factor is going play a large part in your choosing to help others less fortunate than yourself to improve their lot in life.

Between now and the next Transit, your attitudes toward all that you believed so strongly about relating to the material things in life will shift. After all, how important would you regard a bank overdraft on earth if you were privileged enough to look at our planet from the moon? Your perspective will alter regarding what really makes someone rich. As the gap between now and the next Transit closes, it will become obvious that a six or seven digit sum of money in a bank is but a mere pittance to the feeling of freedom, fulfillment and happiness that life offers us every day but gets ignored because we believe other, more selfish needs to be more important. So much of what you dream your life could be like is available to you now. All you have to do is be prepared to change and the sooner you make this change, the sooner things will start happening.

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