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Venus Sign - Gemini

So what does it mean to have Venus in Gemini?

Love and affection we feel toward others is, as we all know, meant to come from the heart. However, to have Venus in Gemini means the heart can only become involved after another vital organ has finished assessing and analysing such feelings - the brain!
People with Venus in Gemini rarely accept that someone or something can sweep them off their feet without them having analysed it first. If someone or something is going to make you feel all giddy inside and cause you to display symptoms you know other people display when they are 'in love' then you find this fascinating. Something as amazing as this must be looked at closely in order to see how it works, why it does what it does and how it got there in the first place! It should be tweaked and modified; it must be possible to make it even better once you have managed to get your head around how it's put together.

It is this 'using your brain instead of your heart' approach that has probably caused the most problems in your relationships. Your partners - past, present and possibly future - are not interested in discovering the answers to every question and would prefer that one or two remain unanswered. They want you for your wit, perceptiveness and brilliant mind but often in measured doses only!

The Transit of Venus which took place in your Venus sign back in June 2004 is encouraging you to lighten up a bit. Interestingly, the next Transit which takes place in 2012 will again be in your Venus sign. Things could not be clearer - between now and 2012 you are going to find yourself less inclined to behave like a professor and more inclined to adopt a much more intuitive, passionate, affectionate and tender approach where affairs of the heart are concerned.

Chances are you are going to find this change in attitude will affect many other areas of your life for you are entering a very exciting and positive new phase in your life. I recognise what I just said implies change. I said it deliberately. After what you experienced between 2001 and 2003 while strict taskmaster Saturn was in your sign, the last thing you probably want to to hear is that your life is about to have more serious undertones. Change is a great thing, and only occurs when an opportunity is taken advantage of. With change comes upheaval and with upheaval comes a period of insecurity. So the period between now and 2012 is going to have a few challenges thrown in to make things interesting for you. But in order for you to grow in a way that will allow you to easily resolve the kind of issues you currently face in your relationships, you have to accept what is being offered to you now.

It is equally important that, in order for you to be the person you always wanted to be and therefore increase the chances of being with the kind of person you always wanted to be with, you must be prepared to change. You will adapt to some of these changes very quickly, others will take a bit longer but you can be assured that you'll be pleased with the end results. And even if romantic relationships don't interest you, you can expect the same levels of achievement and fulfilment on a creative level. And if creativity isn't your thing, then this whole exercise is happening simply to help you enjoy yourself more when its over. You will have undoubtedly reached a level of personal happiness that few people experience in their lifetimes. Embrace it, welcome it, and you will soon learn to love it.

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