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Venus Sign - Leo

So what does it mean to have Venus in Leo?

There are some people on this planet who are quite happy to sleep standing up. Others have become accustomed to lying on beds of nails. Now and again in certain countries, you'll see people walk barefoot across white hot coals. What does all this have to do with having a Leo Venus sign, you ask? Good question.
People born with Venus in Leo tend to display two very specific characteristics. The first is self-inflicted restriction. They are quite happy to take the long way to a destination or do something extreme even though it isn't necessary. It's almost as if they believe it to be wrong to use the skills, talents, or dare I say it, power, they posses. The second trait is bravery and in some ways the two traits are linked. You are not bothered what anyone thinks and it is for this reason you can be such a kind, generous, forgiving person. You simply will not succumb to what others think if your heart is telling you otherwise and will flatly refuse to lower yourself to a level that you consider not worth lowering yourself to.

Equally as big as your heart is your imagination and lately you have found yourself having to allow one or two others to take credit for your ideas, or have found yourself having to keep one or two ideas to yourself in order for certain people to hog the spotlight. This unsatisfactory situation is precisely what the Transit of Venus which took place back in June 2004 will change. After all, it was your ruling planet, the Sun that Venus moved across so you can certainly expect to be in the front line to receive the lion's share of the benefits!

Between now and the next Transit in 2012, you will find yourself becoming increasingly aware of two things: how highly thought of you are and how capable you are becoming to alter aspects of your life that even as you read this you are convinced are never going to change. A much greater level of comfort in all areas of your life is on offer and to experience it, all you have to do is decide you want it. You needn't practice being aggressive in the mirror. Aggression and assertiveness is not what this is all about. It's not a rugby match. Summoning determination is the key and this should not be confused with being aggressive. And you won't have to make everything happen unaided either. The Transit also meant you can expect to be moving in new and influential circles if you aren't already.

On a final note, it is important you are careful about what you wish for. You are likely to experience far more fulfilment through choosing to concentrate on one big cherished goal rather than a load of small wishes. One of the best ways of achieving success is to receive first-hand information from people who are where you want to be. You are known by the company you keep and you are about to see how useful the company you keep can be for you. So welcome the changes that are on offer and the heartwarming experiences that you will encounter between now and 2012. What you will be feeling is right and deserved.

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