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Venus Sign - Libra

So what does it mean to have Venus in Libra?

Having Venus in Libra is a bit like being hungry in a huge supermarket and insisting you can find nothing interesting to eat. Likewise, your biggest issue where affairs of the heart are concerned is not how to find love but how make the most of the love that already surrounds you.
Venus is very comfortable in Libra because it is Libra's ruling planet. So it can be said you know a thing or two about what is beautiful, tasteful, attractive and artistic. Equally, you know what is not. You have an amazing ability to recognise the subtle beauty in anything or anyone that the rest of us sometimes fail to see and are attracted to people who can genuinely do the same. As admirable as this may be, there is a downside and that involves you sometimes seeing only the good in someone or something and deliberately ignoring the bad, for want of a better word. That is not to say you are naïve or easily fooled, far from it. It doesn't take long for your natural curiosity to snap you out of the daydream and cause you to explore and get to the bottom of what's going on. People with Venus in Libra have a tendency to see beauty as being 'skin deep'.

Your keenness to explore and question all that is questionable can also be a source of problems within relationships. This is not something only you do, it is a very common trait among Air signs, who tend to use their brains at times when they should be using their hearts. Relationships are examples of things that should not always be analysed or assessed to deeply.

The Transit of Venus which took place in June 2004 played a big part in putting a process in motion that is going to bring more than one much needed improvement into your life. It is as if you have been looking through binoculars the wrong way round. Instead of seeing and recognising up close the opportunities that exist, you have believed yourself to be so distant from a world of love and comfort and that only other people could possibly enjoy. As the gap closes between now and the next Venus Transit in 2012, you are going to find yourself receiving a celestial kick up the backside until you agree you are entitled to similar levels of happiness - and take advantage of all that is available to you!

'So', I hear you say 'how exactly am I supposed to identify these wonderful opportunities if I haven't been able to as yet?' The answer: you don't need to consciously find them. All you need to do is be willing to change and agree to change your attitudes toward who you are, what you want and where you want to be. This does not mean you should lower any expectations to make it more likely to achieve them. Instead, you should be aiming higher than you currently are. This will not only increase the levels of love, comfort, prosperity and well-being you are currently experiencing but will make you more aware of things as and when they happen.

There is already so much in your world which is far better than you currently realise. You are also about to see the reasons behind all you've been through recently. How soon you want to begin experiencing all that's on offer and see tangible evidence that you could - and should - be experiencing much more depends on how soon you are prepared to accept that a new way of life would be very nice to have. It also depends on how soon you are prepared to change.

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