Pisces - Discover your Venus Sign

Venus Sign - Pisces

So what does it mean to have Venus in Pisces?

We live in a world full of magic, but you are more intrigued by life's mysteries. You would much prefer to come up with answers to why some birds can't fly but some fish can, why we must press 'Start' to turn off a computer or why spilt liquids always double in volume. You enjoy trying to explain the unexplained.
This also probably explains why you enjoy restoring anything that has been ruined or destroyed. It is the creating, or re-creating, of something that you find fun. You have a very vivid imagination which works both for and against you. The plus side is you can often identify more solutions to any problem than most other people. The down side to this is you then get easily confused about which option to take. This also usually involves you seeking advice from a dozen or so people about something and then merrily going off and doing what you originally planned to do in the first place.

To know you is to know your unusual ways. It is essential that you have time to yourself, to allow yourself to delve deep into your own subconscious in order to revisit the thoughts, images and fantasy worlds you create to which only you have access. Your ideal partner must therefore be someone who can easily spot when you must be given this time to yourself and when it is important for you to be supported. Anyone who is prepared to recognise the needs of such a sensitive soul should find themselves delighted to be with a partner with whom they ride off into the sunset whilst laughing all the way.

So what does the June 2004 Transit of Venus mean to you? It means you can expect between now and the next Transit in 2012, some very significant transformations in your life as you know it to be now. A new and unexplored level of happiness is on offer to you, if you want it.

The first area of your life that needs assessing and changing if necessary is where you are at present. By that, I mean where you currently call home and the surroundings you regard as familiar, as well as an honest appraisal of your successes to date. The second area of your life in need of some adjustments involves people to whom your loyalties lie and how much time and effort is spent on constantly concerning yourself with other people's needs and deadlines. Your true value is being restricted. You cannot expect to achieve the goal you cherish so greatly involving a creative talent you possess if you allow certain habits and individuals to act as one big ball and chain around your ankle. You need to break free from whatever and whoever is holding you back.

The Venus Transit is also going to do a number things in terms of how you present yourself to others and how others see you. At the same time, between now and the next Transit, you are going to amaze yourself by learning one or two things about yourself - and your abilities - you never knew existed. Equally, you will learn a great deal about how you are seen by others in ways you were not aware. A more calmer, mature you is going to be a much happier you. How quickly you want to begin enjoying these changes depends entirely upon when you are prepared to accept the changes on offer and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.

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