Sagittarius - Discover your Venus Sign

Venus Sign - Sagittarius

So what does it mean to have Venus in Sagittarius?

Sagittarians are the free spirits of the Zodiac and to have Venus in Sagittarius means you need a partner who understands you and your brave and constant need to explore all things new and unusual. There is, of course, a big difference between being a 'free spirit' and being disloyal and I'll explain more below...
Let's be honest, you scare a few people. You personify a rebellious force to be reckoned with among people who fall into a category of being...well...more ordinary or less ambitious than you. Some people like to make sure that every 'i' is dotted and every 't' is crossed before making any kind of bold move. Not you. You much prefer to explore that which others deem impossible and enjoy proving them wrong. You have an uncanny ability to pursue something in such a way that ensures everything gets done and falls neatly into place when it is supposed to and make the whole process appear easy at the same time. Very little in life makes you more focussed, more determined and happier than when someone says 'Uh-uh, nope, sorry, that has been tried already and it just couldn't be done'.

You subscribe strongly to the saying 'it's not what you know in life, it's who you know that counts'. You have a long list of contacts in this world and even if, for some reason, you are unable to call upon a certain person for a certain task, you have an more impressive memory bank that allows you to draw upon other peoples' experiences which puts you in a more knowledgeable and stronger position. You are indeed one of life's chancers but rarely do you not come up smelling of roses each time you set your sights on something - or someone!

You may well be an exciting and daring individual but you're not the easiest of people to get romantically involved with. Don't get me wrong, you possess qualities which make you the most likely person to ever get involved in a romantic relationship. You are a doting person, you give so much both emotionally and materially but it is the fact that you are so generous - to a fault even - that your other half can only help but wonder if you really do have deep feelings for them and them alone. There is also the importance you put on your freedom and any would-be partners have to understand your needs in this sense. You hate nothing more than feeling trapped and will often go to great lengths to make sure certain people get the message.

The Transit of Venus which took place in June 2004 is going to change many of your attitudes toward partnerships. Being with another person. Romantically. And in the sense of friendships. Between now and the next Transit in 2012, you are going to embark on a very special learning curve involving How To Interact and Get Along With Other People.

Clearly, you are not going to be forced to get along with some people in the way a teacher will make two boys shake hands after a schoolyard fight or how your Great Aunt Betsy used to make you kiss your ugly cousin Ethel at Christmas time. There is however as much to learn about why there are some people in your world you don't, and probably never will, get along with. That in itself is useful learning. Additionally, you may think you know it all when it comes to embarking on new friendships and relationships and if so, you can certainly expect to be brought back to Square One in more ways than one!

The Transit will show you how one relationship in your life could be improved by you being prepared to be a little bit more trusting and understanding toward this other person's needs. This, in turn, will cause something very special to happen. You will learn, possibly for the first time, what it means to be a partnership, a team, a dynamic duo. You will be able to see real evidence of how much more happiness is on offer through working together and sharing ideas instead of leading separate lives and co-existing under the same roof. If your relationship with this certain someone is at a distance means living together is not possible or practical, then you are going to become increasingly aware of fondness that can be felt from a distance, how absence really can make the heart grow fonder. In either case, you will welcome and very much enjoy the excitement of discovering - or rediscovering - what it feels like to have a deep, inspiring and extremely heartwarming sense of belonging with someone you genuinely want to be with.

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