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Venus Sign - Scorpio

So what does it mean to have Venus in Scorpio?

It's interesting how afraid of change most people are. Change brings upheaval and insecurity which is why most of us strongly discourage it. But not you. As someone with Venus in Scorpio, you encourage and thrive on change, but it's the transformation - what something or someone becomes - that really drives you.
I suppose I really ought to get one or two things out of the way at this point. There are, and will always be, stereotypes in astrology. Capricorns are moody so-and-so's, Cancerians cry a lot, Sagittarians and Arians can't sit still and Scorpions are....come on, I know what you're mad. There. I've said it. A perception exists that Scorpions just cannot get enough of what God meant when he encouraged us all to 'go forth and multiply'. So let's put this popular misconception right, shall we? Sure, there are millions of Scorpions who can't get enough of the exchange of bodily fluids. But the same can obviously be said about any sign. The truth of the matter is this - to have Venus in Scorpio means you will put your very heart and soul into whatever turns you on. Whether it be love, sex, poetry, art, music, whatever. Scorpio is, without doubt, one of the most spiritual, intuitive and imaginative signs of the Zodiac so we should expect nothing less than the purest of passion being applied to anything - or anyone - that takes a Scorpion's fancy!

But back to the subject of transformation. Although you are a passionate person in every sense, that doesn't necessarily mean you are passionate toward everything and everyone forever. If the idea of changing or transforming an area of your life takes you, then chances are it's going to happen and sometimes your idea of a small tweak or minor adjustment, particularly to romantic relationships, is another person's idea of a seriously bumpy ride in the course of true love. Sometimes, what matters to you most is the fact that instigating change will make things more interesting, more exciting and you sometimes fail to see how this affects the other person, especially when they had become used to how things had become since the last time you decided to make a few changes.

To really know you is to know how you think and because you view your thoughts as intensely personal, very few people ever get a real chance to know what makes you tick. Apart from sex of course. Stop it! There I go again. It's just that your private thoughts are likely to shock someone of a timid disposition. You excel at thinking the absurd, the impossible, the things some people would chastise themselves for even letting enter their heads. But this is what makes you appealing and attractive to others for it gives you a genuine talent for being able to spot genuineness from that which is fake, sincerity from insincerity. Your zest for life, combined with a controlled rebellious streak are two aspects of your personality that would-be partners had best understand and accept if they plan to be more than just a one-night stand!

The Transit of Venus back in June 2004 is going to bring about a change, between now and the next Transit in 2012. So you should be happy about the fact that you can expect a change, and it will be a significant one.

Between now and 2012, you are being encouraged to think as much with your brain as you do with your heart. Let me explain what I mean. We have already established you are one passionate individual, enough has been said about that. Passion, as we know, comes from the heart. It often knows few limitations and rarely knows when it has actually achieved what it wants. Our minds, however, know all about limitation, too much in fact. What the heart considers to be essential, the brain sometimes regards as a passing whim. For you, the Transit is all about introducing your mind and your heart to each other in ways they rarely work together where relationships are concerned. Your heart needs to learn a thing or two about where and when to draw the line, when enough is enough. Your brain could do with a few lessons in how to be less cynical and to accept that life can be a magical thing that doesn't always require practical, sensible explanations.

The time is perfect for you to focus on a dream or aspiration that you hold dear where one particular relationship is concerned. It is not about assessing what went wrong previously, or who is to blame for what. Bridges need to built instead of walls and during coming months and years, you are extremely well-placed to experience a series of heartwarming developments that will restore or strengthen your faith in this relationship and in human nature generally. How soon you want to begin experiencing these depends entirely upon how prepared you are to begin making the effort to become more sensitive and less thick-skinned where your relationships are concerned!

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