Taurus - Discover your Venus Sign

Venus Sign - Taurus

So what does it mean to have Venus in Taurus?

You're one loyal individual but are a tough nut to crack. Whoever wins your heart will probably have had to face blazing deserts and freezing winds but once they do, you're theirs for life. It is your heart that does all the talking where relationships are concerned, even if your head is screaming for you to listen.
Venus in Taurus bestows upon you a beauty that goes far below that which is skin deep. Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and is very comfortable in this sign, it creates a very calm and laid-back environment for your relationships to flourish within. But this laid-backness has its drawbacks for it sometimes causes you to attract certain individuals who see you as a meal ticket. The 'loyalty vibe' you give off is so strong that you can sometimes be a Pied Piper where needy or lazy people are concerned for they can spot that the chances of you looking after them are high. However, it is not often you get taken advantage of because you view entering into any relationship like entering into a business partnership and make clear from outset what each other's roles within it will be.

The Transit of Venus which took place in June 2004 is causing you to look at one particular relationship in your life and assess how it can be made better to suit you better. Are you willingly allowing yourself to settle for second best just to keep the peace? And what about the ways your hard earned cash is being allocated within this relationship? A new balance needs to be met, by looking at all that is good within your relationships - one in particular - and weighing this against with all that can be improved.

Back to the subject of cash, Venus does represent all things financial in the same way it represents all things love-related. Whilst the recent Transit does not necessarily guarantee you will win the lottery, it does guarantee you will, between June 2004 and June 2012, reach much-desired levels of control, comfort and support. You are likely to become aware of increased stability in your life. Also, what or whom is not needed in your life will become as obvious as those which are needed. You will, without doubt, have to let go of someone or something between now and 2012. If this is a person, then there is likely to be more than one reason why the time has come for you and they to call it a day. If it is a memory, then it is important you no longer let it be a ball and chain around your ankle that is holding you back from experiencing happiness you so truly deserve.

Despite the pressures in today's society to frantically reach high levels of material status, you are being offered the very rare and special chance to discover many heartwarming and valuable lessons surrounding what it's like to feel good within yourself, and how we soon shift our attitudes toward others when we are happiest with ourselves. This will be heightened by your becoming increasingly aware of how loved, appreciated and respected you are. None of this is likely to happen though until you make a conscious decision to allow it to happen. The sooner you succumb to what you are being encouraged to surrender to, the sooner you will begin to see, and more importantly feel, the benefits.

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