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Venus Sign - Virgo

So what does it mean to have Venus in Virgo?

Several years ago, my son introduced me to 'professional' wrestling on TV. It was great for a laugh and although there appeared to be few rules, I recall one that involved wrestlers having to make physical contact with their team-mate who was in 'distress' before being allowed into the ring to help them.
Ok, I hear you, I'll get to the point but it's possible you might already know why I chose to use the above example. People with Venus in Virgo are the Zodiac's watchers. Not only do you excel at watching what is happening, you are equally superb at assessing things, situations and people. The truth is, you are very happy to let a loved one do what they want until they need your help with something. Far be it for you to deliberately interfere with what someone close is doing, even if you can see the umpteen mistakes they are making and they can't. But you will be storing your thoughts and opinions in the back of your mind to be readily available when you are asked for your opinion or help and when the time comes, you are brilliant at explaining how, where and why your loved one cocked up.

There appears to be a part of you that exists on fear. It's as if you believe fear does you good sometimes, it keeps you on your toes, it makes you think one step ahead of most other people. You fear the repercussions of poking your nose in where it might not be wanted, you fear being the one to make decisions about changes that will affect others, you fear the fact that so many people see as someone who can always pull a right answer to any problem out of the bag. Equally, you fear not being able to provide answers sometimes.

Because I fear I am making you sound as interesting as a spanner, I should point out quickly that you possess an amazing ability to gravitate toward the finer, exquisite things in life. You don't just order a 'glass of red wine' in a restaurant, you request a vintage that only a true connoisseur will have even heard of. You are as likely to be seen in a burger take-away as a pork chop in a synagogue. You know how to truly indulge yourself and also enjoy introducing others to your tastes. However, you are happiest when everything is picture perfect and herein lies the problem because your partner is going to have to get their head around your quest for perfection in all that you do and other people if they are going to be with you forever more.

So it can be said you are someone others find very easy to get along with, love and respect. You personify in many people's minds how a practical, efficient, intelligent, capable, responsible person should appear. But are you really happy with how other people see you in this way? The Transit of Venus which took place in June 2004 has plans to change this. For the better I hasten to add!

Between now and the next Transit in 2012, a side of you that you know exists will show itself to others who probably never dreamt such a part of you could exist. You yearn for a bit more magic in your life than you have seen of late, more spontaneity, a touch of wildness that brings challenges and opportunities which make life a bit more dangerous and interesting. You will also be aware of ways in which you are being encouraged not to worry so much and to enjoy yourself more. Situations that you once believed could cause the end of the world are going to appear much less problematic. You will feel less anxious about issues that once caused you to lay awake at night. And the other good news is, prepare yourself to be sought after by people genuinely wanting your advice and opinions. You will be very much aware that your position among those you know and love, as well as those you don't, is changing. Greater responsibility is about to come your way and whether you want it to or not, you will have to learn to accept it.

If all this sounds a bit fairytale-ish, it isn't meant to. You cannot expect such significant changes in your life without feeling some insecurity. In truth, you will not be at all insecure. And when you become aware of how your life has shifted into a higher gear and you begin experiencing new levels of enthusiasm and exhilaration, don't become concerned that you are being set up for one big disappointment. The more prepared you are to accept and embrace the changes on offer, the sooner you will start to see these developments, and the longer they will last!

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