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venus: the planet of love

Back in June 2004, (particularly the fortnight prior to and after the 8 June) there was much talk and excitement about something both astronomers and astrologers were calling 'The Transit of Venus'. This involved Venus moving across the front of the Sun for the first time since 6 December 1882.
Planets cross and obscure each other all the time. So why was this particular transit so special? And what does it mean from an astrological point of view? The transit has obviously been and gone, but I thought I would allocate a bit of my website server to look at what Venus represents in astrology and why its recent transit has caused such commotion.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is the nearest one to Earth. It is roughly the same size as Earth, but to live on Venus you would have to endure clouds of sulphuric acid and a slightly uncomfortable surface temperature of 460 degrees Celsius. Yet despite such harsh conditions, Venus is, and always has been, regarded as a planet of beauty and in astrology, Venus represents love, comfort, money and all things creative.

Long before the Romans bestowed the name of Venus upon this unique and special planet, she was known under several other names. The Babylonians called her Ishtar, Goddess of Fertility. The Sumerians called her Inanna, Queen of Thunder. She was Isis the Enchantress to the Egyptians and Aphrodite to the Greeks. In all instances, Venus represented all that is feminine, a true icon of feminine charm, and the mother to mischievous Cupid.

In some ways, vital and essential information is missing from this article, because to truly understand Venus and the implications of where Venus' positioning in your chart, you need to know your Venus sign. If you are a male, your Venus sign represents your ideal partner, your ideal fantasy figure. For women, your Venus sign represents the way you are most likely to feel relaxed, sensual, confident and appealing. It gives a pretty good indication of what kind of role in life is most likely to make a woman feel supremely free and feminine. If you want to know what your Venus sign is, please get your free chart analysis.

The Transit of Venus in June 2004 started an amazing process. The next Transit will occur on June 6 2012, and between June of this year and June 2012, we can all expect to become increasingly aware of how much more fuller our lives are becoming. This sense of 'fullness' will take the form of more love, inspiration, hope, prosperity and creativity to each of us on this planet. Venus showed us a side to her that none of us have seen previously through becoming silhouetted against the Sun and we can all expect to begin looking deep within ourselves to discover aspects of our own personalities - and abilities - we never knew existed. This searching within ourselves is going to spill over to those we know. For the first time in the history of Mankind, we are all going to demonstrate a preparedness to look at and listen to someone else's point of view. This is not all going to happen overnight, but a much higher level of consciousness is well and truly on its way.

The recent Transit has confirmed something many people knew thousands of years ago: that creativity and procreativity are closely linked. When we feel inspired and at one with ourselves, we are far more likely to feel love toward another person.

During coming months, I will be explaining more about Venus and its Transit. Until then, please contact me if you want to know more about what it all means to you!

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