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Two major cosmic events took place in the final 12 days of 2016, events that in a nutshell sum up much of what you can expect and all that you need to know about 2017.

As you open the door to 2017 and take your first look at the year and journey ahead, you’ll gain much by looking back at the previous 12 days.

For the first time in 12 years you’re moving into the New Year with Jupiter in your home and family sector, making this a big, important and expansive year for home, family and/or property matters and from the get go this has to be a priority.

Yet in the final 12 days of December Jupiter moved into opposition with Uranus in your career sector, bringing work/life balance tensions and issues to a head, something that will take weeks into the New Year to ease back.

With work/life balance in your face from the get go and lucky Jupiter making this such an important year for home and family matters, you would think that this would have put professional forces in their place.   

Wrong.  For it was over the exact same time that a major alliance between Saturn and Uranus unleashed some of the most powerful forces to come together on the job and career fronts in decades.

In a nutshell, this sums up 2017 for you, a year of major career and job growth, something that will continue throughout the year, but will be off the chart during the first half of the year.

Yet at the same time this is a huge year for home, family and/or property matters, with work/life balance an issue that will dog you throughout the year if you don’t take it seriously from the get go.

The advantage this gives you, is that you have this year sussed from the get go, aware of the opportunities and the challenges and therefore how to solve them.

This will definitely be worth your while and you will benefit from any sacrifices or compromises you are forced to make.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, so this is going to be a really good year for home, family and/or property matters and you don’t want, nor do you have to sacrifice that.

However, this isn’t just a huge year for job and career matters, there are clues that this is likely to be a lucrative year as well.

A lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February and a total solar eclipse on the 21st August suggest there is hidden gold this year, for eclipses are only ever the tips of an iceberg, with much of the potential underneath the surface.

With so much unfolding on the job and career fronts, that untapped income potential has plenty of support.

From the get go get used to a balance between work and play, for with your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative in over a decade beginning in October, there needs to be room in your life for this. Get My 2017 Personal Year Forecast

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Love and Relationships in 2017:

This year just has to be the best kept secret ever, though there were clues back in Christmas 2016 that something was stirring.

This was more hints from the universe that the romantic drought was getting ready to break and while it might not be any time soon, that you needed to be prepared.

There is no way to prepare you for what’s coming unless I break the secret, which is that your luckiest year for love and romance is on the way and will begin on the 10th October and run through to November 2018.

That gives you over nine months to prepare and that means no room for excuses or shying away from what lies ahead.

Of course the Moon’s monthly visits to your romantic sector will act as a trail of breadcrumbs, leading you to what lies ahead, the biggest chance to prepare will be during Venus, planet of love’s return to Cancer from the 31st July to the 26th August.

While that might seem a life time away and returning after your birthday month is over and therefore much later in the year than she normally would, when you’re preparing for something this big, Venus needs to take her time.

Moving through after your birthday month is over, means you will have a chance to focus exclusively on updating your romantic desires and expectations, without the distractions of all the mundane resolutions that the Sun requires.

While the Moon’s monthly visits to your romantic sector will give you a sense of direction, the most important of those visits will be in May, a visit that will produce a Full Moon on the 10th May.

Coincidently, this falls exactly five months to the day before lucky Jupiter’s return, providing one of the clearest road signs of the year, pointing in the right direction.

Once the romantic drought breaks on the 10th October expect a torrent, with every available love god moving through between then and the 26th January 2018.

With the flotilla of support during the first four months of this lucky year for love, look forward to a well supported start.

December 2017 will also usher in something major on the relationship front as well, with Saturn’s return to your relationship sector on the 20th December kicking off your most powerful three years for relationship building in three decades.

Something is definitely happening in the final three months of the year, giving you the majority of the year to prepare.

The focus will always be on your relationships in the early and later months of every year and with the Sun in your relationship sector until the 19th January and Mercury until the 7th February, this will give you a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

However, this is nothing compared to what is developing in December. Click to find out more . .

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Career and Business in 2017:

First impressions are likely to be mixed and you could be left asking in those early days, ‘is this a good professional year or a challenging one, because I’m getting signals that it’s both’.

This might be the message you’re getting, but the reality is you have reached an exceptional professional year and also an important one.

So important that this is the year that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from.

The reason for the mixed messages were two very large and potentially game changing cosmic dances that were both happening in the skies at the same time, in the final 11 days of 2016 and they both involved Uranus, in your career sector since 2010.

When lucky Jupiter returned to your home and family sector in September 2016 this kicked off your most important year for home and family matters in over a decade and while Uranus was over on the other side of the sky in your career sector, they didn’t move into opposition until the end of December.

It was a given that at some point an ultimate show down would occur, with your home and professional lives going head to head and in the process bringing work/life balance tensions and issues to a head.

That’s what you experienced in the later part of December and are still feeling as you move into the New Year, causing you to wonder if this is what you can expect.

Well, the need for work/life balance will remain, but hopefully this was enough of a wakeup call that you’ve made this part of your New Year’s resolutions.

While the professional and domestic gods will continue to keep an eye on each other, you won’t be challenged to the degree that you were over Christmas 2016.

Yet balancing that out and giving you the sense that this is going to be a great year, is that at the exact same time, an alliance between Saturn in your work sector and Uranus in your career sector, that had been building for the past two years, also came to a head at the same time.

This brought home the huge work and career potential, but also the need for work/life balance, all in one fell swoop.

This is the starting point for 2017, with a chance in the early weeks of the year to get your bearings.

Mercury will retrograde back in for a short double dip visit to your work sector from the 5th January to the 13th January, giving you a chance to regroup and process what took place in the final weeks of 2016.

However, two weeks into the New Year and you will have set your course, with a clear sense of where to from here, especially on the job front.

It is just over two weeks later that some major developments kick off on the career front, beginning with Mars’ return to your career sector on the 28th January and Venus’ just a few days later, on the 3rd February.

While Mars will leave on the 10th March, Venus is not only staying on until the 3rd April, well beyond her normal 24 to 26 day visit, but will return for a double dip visit from the 28th April to the 6th June.

By then you’ll be well on your way, with career matters continuing to unfold, until you not only have a chance to bring job matters home from the 5th November, but make Saturn’s final weeks here count, before leaving on the 20th December. Click to find out more.

Money and Finance in 2017:

2017 should be a good year for money matters, with the financial confidence you’re moving into the year with well justified.

There could be a sense that you’re onto a winning streak that must sooner or later bottom out, except this has nothing to do with the amount of money you have coming in or how much money you have in your bank and more a sense of being in control of your own financial destiny.

You are a Sign that knows how to manage money matters and all you need is a few lucky breaks from the stars and you’re on your way.

You got those lucky breaks in the final two months of 2016, allowing you to move into 2017 with your financial confidence high and your financial desires, passions and fighting spirit already fuelled.

Yet from such a confident start you have some very ordinary forces to work with and it won’t be until February that there will be any indication of where that unshakable sense of financial confidence is really coming from.

This comes in the form of a lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February.

It’s not just that as an eclipsing Full Moon this is destined to be more fruitful than an ordinary Full Moon or the implications behind it and more when it falls.

To have a lunar eclipse fate has to be in play and with three out of this year’s four eclipses falling in your two money houses and two in your income sector that is definitely the case.

What makes the lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February so potentially lucrative is the fact that it will fall just days after Venus and Mars’ return to your career sector and during some stunning developments on the job and career fronts.

This is a taste of things to come, with the most lucrative months of 2017 running from the 6th July to the 20th September, with August and September likely to be the most lucrative months.

It is within that period that you’ll have two New Moons in your income sector, the first on the 23rd July and the second on the 21st August, but it’s the second New Moon that is also a total solar eclipse, creating the potential for major new income opportunities.

 It is also within that same period that the third eclipse will fall, this time in your financial sector on the 7th August.

You don’t know this when you move into the New Year but an unshakable sense of financial confidence does.

While you have a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping in January and February, it will be with a sense that something fateful is building across the income and financial fronts.

Despite its fairly ordinary beginnings, you have every reason to feel confident from the get go. Click to find out more

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