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Despite the fact that the start of the year appears to be so professionally driven that it runs the risk of some major work/life balance issues, this is not nearly as daunting or as challenging as first impressions suggest.

It has been 12 years since you last moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector and with your biggest year for professional growth and expansion stretching out until October and then support to bring things home in play through to December, you’re right to assume this is going to be a professionally focused year.

However, it is also clear from the get go that this is an important year for home, family and/or property matters.

How important is likely to take you by surprise, with some opportune developments continuing to unfold from late January through to early June.

Even if there are no big changes during that time, home will be where the heart is and your home life or lifestyle will be especially important.

Any work/life balance issues that came to a head late last year came from a standoff between planets that know just what’s possible on the home and professional fronts this year and are committed to finding the right balance from the get go.

This doesn’t have to be an important year for home and family matters or for professional growth, with every reason why you should enjoy both.

On paper, this doesn’t appear to be a particularly game changing year for either income or money matters, but with three of this year’s eclipses falling in your two money houses, it appears something is happening behind the scenes.

Eclipses appear random and bring unexpected fateful developments, but they are in fact the tips of icebergs, with forces behind the scenes in play all along.

With a lunar eclipse in your financial sector on the 11th February, a total solar eclipse on the 21st August and a lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 7th August, this should be an important year for both income and money matters.

When eclipses are involved there is a natural current in play behind the scene, with a need to let both evolve naturally.

With such an important professional year this bodes well for the money following, but on both the financial and professional fronts this will unfold naturally, making it all about the journey. Get My 2017 Personal Year Forecast

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Love and Relationships in 2017:

You will always move into the year with the Sun in Capricorn and more often than not with Venus, planet of love already on board or yet to arrive.

This is important, for this is when you get a chance to define your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year.

The last time you moved into the New Year with Venus already been and gone was in 2012 and that is the case this year as well.

As was the case four years ago, this means moving into the New Year always knowing what you want from love and your relationships, which can be a mixed blessing.

Firstly, you know what you want from the get go so can go after it, but on the other hand, with Venus having left in early December and all the hype at the end of year, Christmas and New Year in between, there is a danger of forgetting.

However, your heart never forgets, with a need to assume that as long as you follow your heart from the get go, you can’t go wrong.

The Moon’s monthly visit to both your romantic and relationship sectors will also play an important role in pointing things in the right direction, starting a Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 12th January.

This is a Full Moon that will always fall at some point during your birthday month, so either in the later days of December or the early weeks of January.

This is a chance to put your personal and relationship needs into conflict, in order to get a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

In the meantime, while the Sun won’t return to your romantic sector on the 19th April, something will start stirring as early as the 5th February.

For the rest of February this is likely to be more a case of longings and yearnings starting to stir, but this will erupt into the real thing when Mars returns to your romantic sector on the 10th April, where he’ll continue to fire up your romantic passions and fighting spirit until leaving on the 21st April.

By then a romantic chapter will be well underway and will continue until Venus returns to bring things home, between the 6th June and the 5th July.

It is during the final month of this romantic chapter that something will start to stir on the relationship front, starting with Mars’ return to your relationship sector on the 4th June.

The same planets that got together to make the period from the 10th March to the 5th July so special, will come together to make the period from the 4th June to the 26th August just as special on the relationship front.

It is that period where the two overlap, from the 4th June to the 5th July, that you’ll find the best conditions for both matters of the heart and your relationships of the year. Click to find out more . .

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Career and Business in 2017:

You have every reason to move into the year with confidence, not only professional confidence but financial confidence as well, starting the year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector and with Venus in your income sector.

You might not be convinced of that to start with, but once the fog of war clears you’ll like what you see and will even be grateful for the work/life balance tensions that came to a head in the final weeks of 2016.

There is no doubt that with Jupiter in your career sector until the 10th October and his support crew staying on until early December this is set to be an explosive and expansive professional year for you.

Jupiter is the planet that promotes growth and expansion and your career sector is the most competitively charged and professionally empowered part of your chart and when they come together, which they do once every 12 years, then you have the recipe for success.

It won’t be handed to you on a silver plate, you will probably have to work harder than ever before, but there is one giant mountain with your name on it, success lies at the top and at the base is the support crew, the maps and the guides who will stay with you to the top.

There could be some reluctance at the start, for you were walloped with some real wakeup calls in the final weeks of 2016, not just in terms of work/life balance issues, but just facing the reality of what is in front of you.

You needed this, because you don’t just suddenly decide you’ll climb Mt Everest on a whim and head off without preparation and without fully comprehending what is in front of you.

The last four months of 2016 were just getting to the base of the mountain, with the real climb taking the majority of the year.

For the most part Jupiter will be on his own, with only a Full Moon in your career sector on the 11th April, but there will be a massive amount of support from the 22nd September and a huge amount of support from work forces from the 21st April to the 31st July.

It is during that period that Mars, Ceres, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all move through your work sector, not all at the same time but between them providing every possible resource.

During that time they will not only support Jupiter in your career sector, but receive support, making these some of the best months of 2017 for both work and career matters, with the first six and the final four weeks likely to be the best.

With Jupiter in retrograde motion from the 6th February to the 9th June, things will take off on the work front while the doors are open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the career front.

Support to bring Jupiter’s 13 month visit home will begin with the Sun’s return on the 22nd September, quickly followed by Mercury’s return on the 30th September.

While Jupiter will leave on the 10th October, with Venus returning in November and Mars in December, you’ll be dancing with the planets of attraction and passion on that mountain peak come the end of the year.

The best part of all, by the time you get there, you will know you have earned every bit of success open to you.

From the get go don’t forget the lesson learned in the final weeks of 2016, with work/life balance essential in this very full on professional year. Click to find out more.

Money and Finance in 2017:

The fact that Venus will leave your income sector on the 3rd January and will spend less than 72 hours of 2017 here, means nothing, for the die will have been caste by then.

Starting the year with the planet of money, desire and attraction in your income sector is going to give your financial year a dream start and while she will leave you after just a few days, this is like starting the year with a treasure map.

She might take the map with her when she leaves, but like a bell that can’t be unrung, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.

This will also mean you start the year with a strong sense of confidence and entitlement, something that you will retain for as long as you nurture it.

Mars only left just before Christmas, so you’ve had a chance to smash through some glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind.

Once Venus leaves there will be a chance to let things settle, but by the time the Sun returns to throw the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options on the 19th January, you’ll already have a head start.

The planetary activity that will play out over the course of January and February is both normal for this time of year and very low key.

The Sun will move through from the 20th January to the 19th February and Mercury will move through from the 7th February to the 25th February, bringing the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game.

Yet this very ordinary start is set to have extraordinary consequences, with the money gods leaving you with everything you need to turn this into a ridiculously lucrative year.

The only reason this is possible is that you will also move into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector and not due to leave until October, 2017 is your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade.

Starting the year with Venus, planet of money in your income sector and lucky Jupiter in your career sector, is a dream start, one that is giving this powerful professional year a lucrative sense of direction from the get go.

A lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 7th August could also trigger some unexpected breakthroughs.

In the meantime, while there is not a lot of focus on your financial situation and money matters as a whole, a lunar eclipse in your financial sector on the 11th February and a total solar eclipse on the 21st August suggests there is something strong beating behind the scenes.

While the main timeframe to focus on money matters as a whole will be from the 20th September, there will be signs from early May that money matters are starting to flow more easily and naturally.

This is the point when both income and financial matters will find a favourable wind, one that will continue to blow in a positive direction for the rest of this year and well into 2018. Click to find out more

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