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Daily Horoscope for Thursday 22 June: view Wednesday or Friday

If you invite comments and opinions about how you should pursue a particular plan close to your heart, then you could encourage an unhelpful avalanche of input. That's why it might be best to pursue your plan quietly and in your own way for now. Get a bit further down the road with it before revealing it to the world. You'll save considerable frustration and possibly delays by doing so. What financial skills do you possess? Discover the underlying priorities that drive your earnings with a Career Analysis.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 June:

This week, you could be aware of how you might have been too quick to reject something - or someone - you felt previously so able to accept. This apparent U-turn is causing you to doubt your judgment about a particular matter and possibly believe yourself to be illogical, impractical or inconsistent. It's not too late to put something right that, through trying to what you believe to be right, you've made unnecessarily complex. It can all be made much simpler.

Monthly Horoscope for June:

Matters relating to health and fitness receive strong focus and if you've postponed plans to get fitter, slimmer or kick a habit, then coming weeks bring energy and determination you need. You might need this extra energy to cope with demands at work as projects or assignments could be plonked on your desk or arrive in your inbox at rapid speed. A sensitive matter relating to a friend or group you're involved with could end or be taken to a new level. Either way, your involvement or connection is about to alter.

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