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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday 26 July: view Tuesday or Thursday

You could feel it's necessary to have several plates spinning in the belief that the more you've got on your plate, the more you'll accomplish when the opposite is likely true. It's not your responsibility to tackle every problem that arises. Neither should you feel drawn into fighting certain battles that aren't yours to fight. Save your energy to further your plans and allow others space to deal with theirs in their way. What's he secret of true love and a better relationship? Understanding each other is crucial. Discover what you need to know!

Cat Muratore - Psychic

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Weekly Horoscope starting 21 July:

We're taught from a young age that too much of anything isn't good for us. That's a concept most of us found ourselves accepting of from a young age, too. If we overindulge, then some level of wastage always exists – or we end up paying the price for it in some way. That's something to bear in mind this week. A little bit of what you fancy can be extremely beneficial but taking something to excessive limits will likely be one major source of regret.

Monthly Horoscope for July:

Thoughts and ideas about how to boost your income will be in abundance but you could feel encouraged to cease thinking about ways to enhance your bank balance and start taking action to make it happen. This would be plain sailing if you didn't encounter your ideas or proposals to be met with resistance by someone who believes they know better than you about what you should be doing. Don't allow this to become a battle of wills. Smile and do as you're told in the knowledge you have Plan B up your sleeve.

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