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Daily Career & Business Horoscope for Sunday 24 September: view Saturday or Monday

The Sun's departure from your work sector yesterday may have taken the solar spotlight of your work situation and job matters, but this is the point where the real magic happens. Both Venus, in her first weekend in your work sector and Mercury in his last are under Mars' spell. With your heart and head in the game, it's time to follow where your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit lead. Missed opportunities? Identify the right time to make a change.

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Weekly Career & Business Horoscope starting 18 September:

Dear Ram, this is a bumper week for business as the Moon illuminates your house of work and routine on Tuesday, passing over Venus who has just arrived in this sector of your zodiac, and then Mercury, Mars and the Sun. You have luck on your side with your three major personal planets ready and willing to get you deeply imbedded into your daily schedules. There's energy to spare and the ability to get on with the tasks at hand, and also a fabulous new Moon in this sector that gives you the opportunity to manifest what you want to create when it comes to business success. Whilst you may seem quite equipped with all this help, the Moon is generous still, and when she connects with Pluto later in the week and brings your professional zone into unity with your work sector, the sky is your limit. Reach for the stars Aries!

Monthly Career & Business Horoscope forSeptember:

It was in the final days of August that there were some strange happenings on the work and career fronts. Strange because of the synchronicity between the two. Mercury has been in retrograde motion in your work sector for several weeks before he retrogrades back out on the 1st September. In the process he passed the Sun, who was coming the other way, over the last weekend in August. With Mercury in retrograde and the Sun in direct motion, they brought the past, present and future together. Mercury still had the doors open to the past and second chances, while the Sun was opening new doors. It was just as the Sun and Mercury came together as in the exact same day that Juno turned direct in your career sector. With Pluto not turning direct until the 27th September, this replicated what was happening on the work front, with the doors still open to the past, but new doors opening. Mercury will retrograde back out on the 1st September and that will shift all the focus on the job front onto the future. Even more so when Mars returns on the 5th September, to kick off what will be the busiest six weeks of the year. With Mercury returning on the 10th September, this time in direct motion and Venus on the 20th September, they'll all be on board for a New Moon on the same day. With the Sun leaving on the 23rd September and Mercury on the 30th September, it is Venus and Mars that will take work and job matters into October. This is when you're likely to see the most developments, with Venus and Mars planets that like to make things happen.

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