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Daily Horoscope for Thursday 22 June: view Wednesday or Friday

Your methodical approach to a task could be seen by someone as too slow for their liking. You know how and why something needs to be done as carefully and thoroughly as possible yet you could be on the receiving end of pressure from someone keen to instill a greater sense of urgency. This is likely the result of a lack of communication, so put them in the picture about why a task requires such time and care. They're likely oblivious to this. Discover how to be a more skilful lover and impress your partner with your ability to wow them!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 June:

The word worry is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, 'weirgan' which actually means 'to strangulate'. We know worrying to be a pointless exercise yet we all do it. This week, you'll hopefully discover for yourself how worrying about a situation or arrangement is pointless. There is necessary action you can take but if you could use some reassurance that doesn't need to be brought about solely by you, then it's coming. Relax and see what gets resolved in a very sweet way.

Monthly Horoscope for June:

Focus is likely to involve a partnership of either a personal or professional nature. If you've managed to bide your time and refrain from bringing a tense or sensitive issue into the open, then you might not be able to hide from it this month. However, Venus's influence will ensure love and messages of comfort make up for any tension or confrontation. If you possess a creative talent that has lain dormant for too long, then the urge to reconnect with and share it with the world could be strong.

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