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Daily Horoscope for Monday 20 November: view Sunday or Tuesday

Motivating certain individuals could prove tricky at this time. You might not be doing a good job of concealing your frustration with this, either. Fortunately, you're able to find the right words to state your case sensitively and instill a sense of urgency where you know it's needed. Perhaps one or two others whose support or input you need only reminding or reassuring about the bigger picture you see. Profession, business life and ambition? Where do your talents fit best ? Get a Career Analysis to find out.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 November:

Many wonderful and colorful words describe Leos. Passionate. Romantic. Creative. Generous. Let's stop there for a moment. There are no boundaries to your generosity when you decide to apply it from the depths of your heart. You probably do so without expecting anything in return, most of the time. It's your preparedness to give with only the intention of feeling warm inside that brings an amazing and deservedly heartwarming development this week. Wherever you sense a strong need to give, be assured you'll receive something back that touches you.

Monthly Horoscope for November:

Get set for recognition, praise and admiration to come your way during coming weeks. You'll have earned all three and probably in a professional capacity. Whether the spotlight highlights career-related success or something work-related receives the green light to proceed, you'll have a genuine reason to punch the air jubilantly. The final two weeks of November will shift your focus squarely on home or family matters. Something is shifting domestically but don't see it as a setback or need to compromise. You'll soon see how you benefit from what transpires.

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