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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday 26 July: view Tuesday or Thursday

You know what motivates, excites and inspires you and that's all that matters. There can be no harm in telling others why you're on Cloud Nine but don't become despondent when your announcement isn't embraced in ways you thought it would be. It'll be the select few responses you do receive that truly matter. Might you be missing the best time to make a decision? Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions.

Cat Muratore - Psychic

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Weekly Horoscope starting 21 July:

Where a line might have existed between what was yours and what was someone else's, that lines looks set to shift or be removed altogether now. A new level of commitment or at least an agreement can be reached where an agreed and accepted boundary is concerned. As you become more willing to share, so too will someone else. There could be a strong connection with your home or family regarding this but what gets agreed and put in place now will undoubtedly strengthen one association.

Monthly Horoscope for July:

If you have a financial adviser, then arrange a meeting with them because you're blessed with superb cosmic support this month to make shrewd and potentially lucrative investments. Money matters come into focus and numerous ways exist to maximize cash flow. You'll need to be more flexible and accommodating than you feel inclined to be where certain discussions or negotiations are concerned around the 9th. A significant boost to your determination levels around month end brings amazing developments on the work front if you're dissatisfied in your current role or are seeking a new job.

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