Links and astrology resources

Astrology LinksBelow is a list of (what I believe to be) useful astrological websites and resources. I am quite happy to add to this list as I go along, so if you have created an astrological website or publication and want to be listed below, simply contact me. Reciprocal links are always appreciated!


Astrology websites

(links to external sites are made in good faith and I am not responsible for their content)

0800 Horoscope
12Sign - Free daily horoscopes - Zodiac birthday greetings Horoscopes
AA Horoscopes
Aali's Free Horoscopes
Aaron's Free Online Horoscopes
Abby's Horoscopes Horoscope Page
ADZE Horoscopes
Astro Abbey Horoscopes
Astrological Association of Great Britain
Astrology4Free - Free horoscopes, Zodiac Gifts, Free
Astrology Chick
Astrology and Horoscope Portal
Astrology On-Line
Astrology Shop On-Line
Astrology Weekly
Astrology Wizard (Paul Wade)
Astrology X-File Cabinet
AstroStar Horoscopes
Birkbeck, Lyn
Brezsny, Rob - FreeWill Astrology
Cainer, Jonathan
Campion, Nick
Daily Horoscopes
Daily Humorscope
Evolving Door Astrology
Fortune Horoscopes
Francis, Eric
Free Horoscopes Guide
Grant, Russell
Horoscope Universe
Interfaith Centre
Jill Goodman Horoscopes
Junkie, Horoscope, The
Leve|10s Web Directory
Live Astrologer
Lost Horoscope X-Files, The
Lotus Tarot Links
MyLuv! Personals
Perrone, Ed
Petulengro, Claire
Psychics and Mediums Network
Skyscript Astrology Pages
Sky View One Astrology and Horoscopes
Susan Miller's Astrologyzone
Tamplin, Ed
Twelfth House, The
XML Daily Horoscope Services
Zodiac X-Files, The

Astrology resources

My Astrology Store
Sell Horoscopes
Astrology Software
Astrology Software
Astrolocality Astrology
Astrologer, The Instant (Lyn Birkbeck)
The Instant Astrologer
Complete Astrological Handbook for the 21st Century
How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign
Comprehensive directory of Astrology and Horoscopes on the web.
New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life

Other stuff I highly recommend

This section exists because I couldn't stop myself from including links to websites of personal interest to yours truly. Anything listed below has absolutely nothing to do with anything astrological and appears only through an act of pure self indulgence on my part...

Dunnery, Francis
It Bites website, Official
UK Guide to Performing Arts (UKP-Arts)
WhooHoo Translator
Noel Young Wines


Astrology Features

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