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astrological tools

Reading calendars and clocks is something we were all taught to do at a young age. But have you ever given thought to what doing each really involves? We take our ability to use this extremely complex information for granted. We underestimate or forget how complicated both calendars and clocks are.
You are probably as aware of criticisms astrology receives as I am. But, interestingly, those who are quick to condemn astrology as a load of hocus pocus hogwash often forget one very important thing: we all make dozens of predictions every day, and many of these are done with calendars and clocks in mind. For example, we might say 'next Tuesday I will finish work at 5:00, I will be going out with some friends and will be home after midnight'.

In doing so, we are making a prediction based entirely upon facts available. The solar system is another way of telling the time, albeit a more complicated method than reading the positioning of hands on a clock. By reading what has happened, establishing as best we can why it happened and making some logical calculations about what is likely to happen again and when, astrologers can make predictions about the future.

There is nothing mystical about astrology. Magical yes, but not mystical. As stated elsewhere in this website, astrology is not an art, it is a science. It is the science of relationships; it is the science of life and it is the practicing of life that is the art. Learning about tools astrologers use will help you discover more about yourself and give you a better understanding of how your future can be controlled through being able to recognise and seize opportunities when they are available. Click on the links below to learn about the elements, planets, qualities and sectors.

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